Homeless Continuum of Care

Coordinator of Homeless Continuum of Care
Collen Kosta

The Annual Full Continuum of Care meeting will occur on Thursday, December 9, 2021 at 1:30 p.m. via Zoom.

Please contact CoC Coordinator, Colleen Kosta colleen.kosta@mahoningcountyoh.gov for more information and link to the meeting. 

October 2021 Full CoC Minutes

December 2021 Full Continuum Agenda

The Mahoning County Homeless Continuum of Care (MCHCoC) is a program funded through Housing and Urban Development (HUD) that is designed to assist individuals and families experiencing homelessness. The MCHCoC provides funding to organizations who provide the services they need to help those individuals move into permanent housing, with the goal of long-term stability. 

The CoC program is also designed to promote community-wide planning and strategic use of resources to address homelessness. The CoC works to improve coordination and integration with mainstream resources and other program who target people experiencing homelessness. 

The MCHCoC is one of nine Continua of Care in the State of Ohio and is the planning body for homeless services in Mahoning County. The Board of Mahoning County Commissioners serves as the Collaborative Applicant, HMIS Lead and employs the CoC Coordinator for the MCHCoC, while COHHIO serves as HMIS System Administrators.

Homeless and looking for assistance? Contact: Help Network of Northeast Ohio (330)747-2696

There are three types of membership:

  1. Organizations that receive funding through the Mahoning County Homeless Continuum of Care
  2.  Organizations that received funding through the Emergency Solutions Grant
  3.  General membership, any person or organization that has experienced homelessness or works with homeless individuals and attends Full CoC meetings 

Interested in becoming a member of the Mahoning County Homeless Continuum of Care or for more information about the MCHCoC? 

Contact Colleen Kosta at colleen.kosta@mahoningcountyoh.gov or (330)740-7900 x8193

2021 Calendar (PDF)